NACRA | 500 Fun

The NACRA 500 is the ideal family craft for those who want simplicity and performance. The large buoyant hulls enable you to drive the NACRA 500 across the waves in ease in most conditions. The large trampoline area offers enough space and as it is tensioned it provides a real platform.

Technical data

Boat length 5.00
Boat width 2.44
Mast lenght 8.23
Area mainsail 14.15
Area Jib 3.52


460 Fun | 500 Fun
570 Fun | 580 Fun


Nacra snuffer system Option
Nacra kick up rudder system Standard
Foam sandwich Vinylester construction Standard
Jib roller furler Option
Ariba Glassfiber telesscopic joystick Standard
Adjustable trapeze system Option
1:6 mainsheet system Standard

Like in all NACRA Catamarans, the trampoline is of mesh polypropylene. That allows the water to quickly drain through and keeps the sailors as dry as possible.

The Performance Sail main is made of modern MNX material which gives a good looking smart appearance and the jib is Dacron, giving long life strength and performance.

The NACRA 500 provides high performance recreational sailing at an affordable price. The 500 is simple, but great design means that it is just quicker than it should be!