NACRA | One Up

You can generally choose between the options Fun, School, Race and One Up.  
Individual configuration is possible.




The NACRA F17 is the true modern single hander which has some big advantages. Most single handers leave you trailing behind the bigger boats, but not the NACRA F17. The speed and power are unprecedented for a Catamaran of its size. The high pointing dagger boards enable you to sail high above the...

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NACRA 460 One Up

The NACRA 460 is a charming little boat. You will love it! Fitted with all quality Harken gear that you expect from NACRA, it has the MNX mainsail which is seriously tough and will stand up to years of hard...

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NACRA 500 One Up

With or without spinnaker, the NACRA 500 One Up is the answer for the family that wants to push to boundaries a bit further. The 500 is the ideal single handed skeg hulled Catamaran. Without dagger boards or boom, the 500 is truly simple, but that belies the explosive performance you can get from the...

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