NACRA | 460 One Up

The NACRA 460 is a charming little boat. You will love it! Fitted with all quality Harken gear that you expect from NACRA, it has the MNX mainsail which is seriously tough and will stand up to years of hard work.

Technical data

Boat length 4.50
Boat width 2.35
Mast lenght 7.77
Area mainsail 12.30


F17 | 460 One Up 
500 One Up


Nacra snuffer system Option
Reef possibility Option
Nacra kick up rudder system Standard
Foam sandwich Vinylester construction Standard
Harken equipped Standard
Carbon telesscopic joystick Option
Ariba Glassfiber telesscopic joystick Standard
Adjustable trapeze system Option
1:6 mainsheet system Standard
1:8 mainsheet system Option

The NACRA 460 main is boomless and offers you any advantages for a recreational craft. The mainsheet and traveller system enables you to get real control of the mainsail in any wind conditions. The hulls are skeg-designed to give you the best of all worlds, good pointing upwind and yet sufficient buoyancy so you can drive the 460 hard off the wind. As with all NACRA Catamarans, the quality of hull manufacture is legendary. They are prepared for you and finished to a degree well above your expectations.

Front and back beams are fixed into moulded hulls so that you experience real stiffness with this Catamaran. When the breeze allows you to get out onto the trapeze wire then you experience the real thrill of sailing a small Catamaran. The NACRA 460 “One Up” is the answer to small Cat sailing. It provides you all the joys of Catamaran sailing at a realistic price.