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You can generally choose between the options Fun, School, Race and One Up.  
Individual configuration is possible.






NACRA 460 Race

The 460 is a tough lightweight catamaran that will give the whole family years of fun. She is the NACRA “baby” where thousands of families will start their sailing careers, whether that be just one member gliding across the waves or more using the trapeze to gain the full...

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NACRA 500 Race

The NACRA 500 Race is the racing craft many people have been looking for years. The 500 Race is differentiated from the 500 by a larger battened MNX jib. There the tack fits right down to the spinnaker pole, giving it more power lower down and therefore more drive and less heel. Sails are made by Performance Sails and...

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NACRA 570 Race

Sailors work hard all week, at the weekend they want to sail: simple and fast! The 570 Race takes skeg hulls to another level. This boat is powerful and fast. It developed from the 570 with an extra large jib fitted down to the spinnaker pole hence more power lower down providing increased drive and less heeling moment. Jib and main...

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NACRA 580 Race

You don’t have to spend much time looking at the lines of the NACRA 580 Race and you realise what this Catamaran will do for you. Rig it and then you can go cruising or racing. The NACRA 580 Race provides the perfect platform for two or three people. It will just eat up the miles and you will soon be well down the coast or race...

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NACRA F17 Sloop

The NACRA F17 Sloop rigged Catamaran is another innovation of the NACRA range. Sailors are demanding a fast three sail Catamaran for the lighter team, weighting about 110 to 130 kgs. The F17 Sloop fits into the new “104” handicap range and will become the leader in that class just as the bigger Infusion is in its...

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NACRA F18 Infusion

When you receive your NACRA Infusion, you will have the best F18 out of the box. You put it together and go racing! You do not have to spend hours sanding and cleaning, the NACRA F18 Infusion is ready! It is all there for you, all quality packed and labelled. Unpacking your new Infusion is a real thrill, one you will never...

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NACRA 20 one design

For heavier teams with combined weights of over 170 kgs, there is only one choice in catracing: the NACRA “One Design”. Other builders have tried but none has succeeded. The power of the the NACRA 20 is legend, yet it handles that power with grace and...

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NACRA F20 Carbon

NACRA took all the best features and characteristics of the current F18 Infusion, which has won the last two F18 Worlds and applied it to the new boat, the NACRA F20 Carbon. As an example: the rudder system, mast extrusion, beams and some other small bits and pieces are the same as in the F18 Infusion. This way there is proven...

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