NACRA | School

You can generally choose between the options Fun, School, Race and One Up.  
Individual configuration is possible.







The sailingmarket has been waiting for this plastic Catamaran. The Playcat was designed by Melvin & Morelli and is perfectly suitable for beginners, sailing schools and holiday renting businesses because it is tough, strong and simple. However it sails like a proper Catamaran, something unique in plastic boats. The Playcat is as well the...

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NACRA 460 School

The NACRA 460 School is the answer for sailing schools and designed only for the purpose to teach sailors to handle their first Catamaran. A “school boat” must be reliable, strong, simple and yet still give the “first time” sailor the feeling that it is a proper Catamaran. School boats must as well be safe...

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NACRA 500 School

All school boats have to be designed to fulfil a certain sailing role. The NACRA 500 School does just that. It is a “proper Catamaran” something not all school boats are! It is modelled on the successful 500 but with Dacron boomless main and...

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NACRA 570 School

In every sailing school is always a place for bigger Catamarans like the NACRA 570 which will carry three people with ease. The tutor can take two beginners out knowing that the boat is big enough with wide open trampoline spaces for all of them. As well the large, strong, buoyant hulls will carry three people...

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